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CRAFTED by DESIGN is the name of my busy store on eBay. I began the store in 2009, and quickly became a “power seller” and “top rated seller”‘ . I havent looked back since!  It’s something I really enjoy doing and I’m always on the lookout for interesting and special items to list in the store. It is also such a pleasure to sell to an audience who already admire what they are purchasing, and in most cases know a lot about it.

Carltonware Rouge Royale – Handpainted Vase c1950

I specialise in Retro (mainly 1950’s – 1970’s) and Vintage wares from Denmark, United Kingdom and Australia – both studio made and factory made. There is just something magical about things from the 1950’s-1970’s that you don’t find in other eras.

The term “Crafted by Design” comes from the fact that the best of design – especially in ceramics from this era – often has the appearance of being handmade or handcrafted.  I am especially attracted to Danish pottery as it is always of such high quality and aesthetic.  My blog Retro Pottery Net complements the eBay store, by documenting my research as I go.

Michael Anderssen Stoneware Bowl c 1960

My focus is on giving my customers a pleasant experience from start to finish. I focus on good presentation and photography when listing, to capture the pieces at their best….and I put equally as much effort in to correct and careful packaging – there is nothing worse to receive a beautiful piece that is badly packed in a shoddy box, or even damaged through lack of care.  I also have a huge range of goods for sale from $20 up to $1,000 – but always keep the focus on attractive, well designed products.

Inge-lisse Koeffed, Tenera Fajance Bowl, 1973 for Royal Copenhagen

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Retro Pottery Net

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Retro Pottery Net  is my busiest and largest site, with over 4,000 readers per week. The focus is on Retro, Modernist, Mid Century,  and Vintage Ceramics from Scandinavia (mainly Denmark), United Kingdom, and Australia – including  studio pottery of the twentieth century. The site is an ever growing, ever expanding knowledge repository for 20th century ceramics.

It all started in 2009 when I began seriously collecting and selling pottery and I needed to keep a record of histories, patterns, artists, designers, makers and so on.  I didn’t want the time I had spent finding this important information to go to waste  – so I decided to share the information on a blog, which gives me and my readers a huge resource as the blog grows and grows – as well as many great images.

My love of pottery and ceramics started when I was a teenager in high school – you can read my first posts on the blog to see the story. This love of pottery has continued to the present day through various career changes along the way. I also run a successful shop on eBay dealing mainly in Retro Ceramics from the mid 20th Century – especially Danish, British and Australian – The links are on the blog.  It never ceases to amaze me that practically every week I find something new that I didn’t know about before.

 If you are into collecting pottery, or looking to identify a piece you find or have, or perhaps maybe you just want to learn before buying – this is the place to start looking!

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A World Record Collection

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UPDATE, Sept. 2013. 


This is my latest project, where I am classifying, cataloguing and recording my large collection of Album Cover Designs from the World Record Club, Melbourne 1958 -1976.  The World Record Club is very significant in Australian Graphic Design history:

With an alumni of designers, illustrators and photographers, both staff artists and freelancers, that number among them some of the leading names in Australian graphic design and illustration, the studio at Word record stood like a beacon for creative, often esoteric, design in a market otherwise dominated by commercialism.

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